The Philosophy in Education project aims is to promote engagement with philosophy at all points of the education process. PEP is intended to be an umbrella for existing and forthcoming initiatives such as organising conferences, teacher training, resource and qualification development. It will provide an identifiable banner to be used when promoting these activities.

Under the PEP heading we have written to the Secretary of State for Education, to advocate philosophy in schools both for its educational value and its social utility as a counter to the threat of extremism, with the creation of a new philosophy GCSE as a specific proposal (the case for this proposal is made by Simon Blackburn in The Conversation and John Taylor in Schools Week.

We are in discussion with an awarding body about this proposal.

The Philosophy in Education Project Team

The Philosophy in Education project exists to promote engagement with philosophy at all points of the education process.

Project Officers

Anthony Grayling President, Philosophy in Education Project
Dr John Taylor Philosophy in Education Project Director

Board of Patrons

Simon Blackburn Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Cambridge University
Angie Hobbs Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy, Sheffield University
David Papineau Professor of Philosophy of Science, King’s College, London.
Timothy Williamson Wykeham Professor of Logic, Oxford University

PEP Associates

Dr Michael Lacewing, A Level Philosophy

Andrew Copson, Chief Executive, British Humanist Association

Dr David Edmonds, Philosophy Bites

Dr Nigel Warburton, Philosophy Bites

Peter Worley, CEO & Co-founder, Philosophy Foundation

Emma Worley, COO & Co-founder, Philosophy Foundation

Lizzy Lewis, Development Manager, SAPERE

Grace Lockrobin, Founder and Managing Director, Thinking Space

Charlotte Blease, University College, Dublin


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Gary Colletti says:

    Excellent to read about this project’s existence! I am a former high school philosophy teacher,and a former National Endowment for the Humanities participant who worked on just this issue. I am currently a graduate student in Education Policy working on a policy proposal for this subject for an upcoming conference in Washington D.C. I ask, because I am greatly interested in this topic – call it a professional mission – and would like to know how one could get involved…?



  2. Hi there,

    This is a brilliant project, and I wish it every success.

    My name is Ciaran Cummins and I run a fledgling (but growing across the UK) site and broader organisation for current and former students of philosophy to engage, experimentally, with public life using their philosophical training.

    I would really like to help push this project however our organisation can, so please do get in touch via our site if a representative of PIE would like to speak further.

    Kind regards,



  3. I absolutely and wholeheartedly support this proposal! As a former teacher of Philosophy in secondary school, i have witnessed first hand the benefits of its inclusion in the curriculum. Please let me know if there is anything practical I can do to offer support.


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